We have developed for all uses in the paper, tissue, plastic film and printing a series of coatings that provide services of great importance and exceptional durability. 
Here are some examples:


Tungsten Carbide

A hard coating with high wear resistance suitable for all types of dragging applications, particularly those used for the manufacture of tissue. The relatively rough surface finish is ideal for the application of an additional non-stick secondary coating.





For cliché gravure rollers or for applications that require maximum electrical or thermal conductivity.






An extremely hard coating that can be supplied to a very smooth finish, ideal for the passage of abrasive material that must slide with the least frictional resistance.





Chrome Steel

A plasma coating that confers the hardness and the strength of steel to the surface of the roller. The thin layer has minimal effect on the overall weight of the carbon roll.






The carbon rollers can be covered with any type of polyurethane or other mix of rubber or polymer most suitable for the application.





Aluminium Sleeve

An aluminium sleeve provides higher impact strength characteristics for shafts with a small diameter or for heavy applications, it provides optimal protection against breakage