Carbon Fiber Expanding Shafts


DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Expanding Core Shafts for Unwind and Rewind Applications.


  • Carbon fiber shaft body provides the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.

  • Proprietary corded polyprene internal bladder expands with air to force the lugs to grip the inner diameter of the core.

  • The special bladder material reduces bladder failure and minimizes maintenance.

  • Deep journal insertion and a close tolerance fit provide a high-strength connection, yet ensures easy maintenance access when necessary.

  • Comprehensive two year warranty even includes bladder (most applications).




DLB-2000 Components




  • Carbon fiber shafts have stainless steel air valves that will not corrode.

  • Easy-access journal fastening system (no press fit).

  • Gripping lugs.

  • Proprietary corded polyprene bladder material minimizes bladder shaft failure and subsequent maintenance.

  • Carbon fiber shaft housing can provide stiffness and strength equal to steel at a fraction of the weight.

  • Metal sleeve protects carbon fiber shaft housing from abrasion.

  • Hardened steel journals custom made for your machine





CF-1000 Dura-Light Non-Expanding Carbon Fiber Shafts (Through Shafts)

  Used with core chucks to provide a lightweight shaft assembly (Double E manufactures a complete line of lightweight and durable core chucks.


Dura-Light Mechanical Carbon Fiber Expanding Lug Shafts

  • For high speed and/or heavyweight applications requiring maximum torque capacity and minimum vibration.

  • Mechanical design provides the most powerful gripping force possible.

  • Activated by turning a crank (or impact wrench) that is inserted into the end of a journal.

  • Requires just five cranks for full expansion.

  • Lugs rise concentrically to center the carbon fiber shaft in the core, minimizing the roll bounce common with other types of expanding shafts.

  • Mechanical shafts and pneumo/mechanical also are offered with the traditional steel design.


Datasheet DLB2000 - Carbon Fiber Shaft